As part of the preparations for the war against coronavirus, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ophir Akunis, signed a general work permit this evening which will enable anyone who is eligible to work to legally do so for more than 12 hours a day effective from tomorrow. Employees will be able to work up to 14 hours per day, with the permit valid for 60 days.

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The temporary work permit allows an employee to work up to 67 hours per week, including additional hours, provided that additional hours worked per month do not exceed 90 hours. Additionally, the permit also outlined that one can work up to 14 hours a day, but no more than eight times a month. "The employment of workers under this permit will be done in consideration of the unique needs of the workplace and the benefit of individual workers in the workplace and their needs, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus," emphasized the minister.

The Ministry of Labor explained that the permit was granted after examining employers’ needs and in coordination with employers' organizations. The move is expected to help employers in coping with the shortage of workers created due to workers on leave as a result of isolation requirements, as well as a general reduction of activities in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines as part of the war on the coronavirus, and also in coping with a significant increase in demand in industries such as super markets, food establishments and the production of medical equipment and disinfectants.

The Manufacturers' Association of Israel, which requested the extension of the working day, said they welcomed the decision.