As part of its historical trend of releasing posters to promote workers’ rights, the Histadrut has renewed its campaign specifically for women workers, in honor of International Women’s Day today. The four posters, created by female Israeli graphic designers especially for the campaign, demand solidarity and equality for women in the workplace.

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The relevance of this topic is highlighted by recent reports showing women's employment suffered disproportionately due to the pandemic, with higher rates of unemployment and days taken off to care for quarantined family members.

The posters were designed by Osnat Eshel, Miri Nistor, Nofar Zarfati and Nurit Koniak, and they join a historical archive of posters that have accompanied the Histadrut since its inception.

Histadrut poster for International Women's Day: "Workers for Gender Equality in Israel" (Design: Miri Nistor)

Miri Nistor explained the design of her poster, featuring a woman climbing a ladder that crosses over an equal sign

“I chose to present the aspiration and action for gender equality in Israel,” Nistor said. “The caption that accompanies the poster has the word 'po'alim', plural masculine for workers [It also means 'working for']. I chose to do that because the struggle for gender equality should be shared by both sexes. In the poster, the ladder leaning over an equal sign, creates a sign of inequality. The ladder can also be seen as a metaphor for the ladder of ranks in the workplace.”

About the Designers

Miri Nistor is a graphic designer, a graduate from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She is the owner of the Dodo Design studio and has been running it for the last seventeen years. Among her works, Nistor has designed stamps marking the Centennial of the Histadrut, the Fight Against Breast Cancer and a series of stamps for Israeli Sign Language (ISL).

Poster designed by Nofar Zarfati, reading “Equality.”

Nofar Zarfati is a graphic designer and illustrator who headed the branding of  the Histadrut's centennial campaign. Zarfati volunteers in non-profit organizations and social organizations such as the HaGal Sheli, which promotes surfing as an educational experience for at-risk youth.

Poster designed by Osnat Eshel.

Osnat Eshel designed the new banknotes issued by the Bank of Israel and designs posters, banknotes, medals, stamps, coins, symbols and branding and more.

Poster designed by Nurit Koniak.

Nurit Koniak is a brand, art director, and lecturer in visual communication. She specializes in visual communication for premium brands in Israel and around the world.