In a measure of solidarity with the workers of Ukraine, Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David agreed to provide humanitarian support to the Ukrainian Workers’ Federation (FPU) in the amount of 5,000 euros. The sum will be directed to emergency assistance for citizens and refugees.

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In a statement issued last week, the Histadrut condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying: “The Histadrut joins in the condemnation of the Russian invasion, and joins in calling on the countries of the world to support Ukraine and act to end the violence.”

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the FPU, the “Histadrut” of Ukraine, has provided shelter, food and medicine to thousands of refugees, many of them workers who have been forced to flee the horrors of the fighting. In the past week, the global labor movement has mobilized to support Ukraine. The Histadrut is also in contact with its Ukrainian partners, with global trade unions, with global labor federations and with other international organizations.

The FPU has announced that the organization’s 18 regional facilities, as well as the federation’s sanatoriums and summer camps in the west of the country, will serve as shelters for refugees. Currently, the FPU cares for about 3,000 children, women and the elderly, some of them family members of Ukrainian soldiers. Treatment includes, among other things, the provision of food, medicine, heating and community services. In light of the situation, the FPU appealed to the global labor movement to support the Federation's humanitarian activities.

Peter Lerner, Director-General of the International Relations Division at the Histadrut, said: “The Russian attack on Ukraine is unacceptable. As a country all too familiar with war and conflict, we Israelis know that the main victims of the wars are the innocent citizens and the workers. This is unbearable suffering. The Histadrut is proud to be part of the family of the global labor movement and work in the spirit of solidarity to support the Ukrainian people during this difficult time.”

This article was translated from Hebrew by Zak Newbart.