Since 10bis workers unionized in the Histadrut, they have received support from a long line of workers’ committees in the civil service sector, high-tech and communications companies, and many other work places whose employees receive subsidized meals through the courier service.

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"We call on the management of 10bis to respect the will of the workers and to recognize the Histadrut as a representative workers' organization in the company," wrote the chairman of the civil servants’ union, Ariel Yaakovi, on Facebook. "We condemn any attempt to infringe upon the right to organize and any prohibited intervention by management. Only through dialogue can agreements be reached. As organized workers, it is important for us to know that those who provide us with services, in this case delivery people, are workers who are respected and whose rights are being preserved."

10bis workers' committee (Photo: Histadrut)

"We extend a warm and supportive embrace to the brave 10bis delivery workers, who chose the path of unionization and joined the Histadrut," Arieli added, noting that three years ago the Histadrut reached a catering agreement for hundreds of thousands of state employees, subsidizing daily meals.

Chairman of the Union of Employees of the Ministry of Economy, Erez Cohen; Chairwoman of the Union of Employees of the Population and Immigration Authority, Shani Shabatov; The chairman of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Workers’ Union, Tzemach Aharoni; and the chairman of the Ashdod Court Staff Union, Liat Shalom; addressed a similar message in letters sent directly to the company's management.

"Today, more than ever, they are considered workers on the front lines of the coronavirus," Ophir Levy wrote on Facebook to the employees of the high-tech company ECI. "10bis delivery people do not take their foot off the gas even now, they do mile after mile every day, in the scorching sun or the pouring rain, but only members of the management receive workers’ rights. The rest receive only low wages, job insecurity and even physical insecurity."

10bis courier at work: "Workers on the front lines of the coronavirus" (Photo: Avshalon SHoshani/Flash90)

"There, too, employees deserve to be treated as essential, they are the ones who bring the company its livelihood. They are, as everywhere, the heart of the company and as such they deserve fairness in employment practices, and in these times, doubly so."

Members of the SAP High-Tech Workers' union wrote to 10bis employees: "If you need help, advice, a sympathetic ear – we are here for you."

Yechiel Shemen, Chairman of the Pelephone Employees Union; Keren Ofek, Chairman of the Partner Employees Union; Limor Lieberman, Chairman of the Bezeq International Workers' Union; Eli Cohen, Chairman of the Hot Mobile Workers' Union and Amir Briga, Chairman of the Mavenir Workers' Union addressed recorded messages to 10bis employees, in which they voiced solidarity and added that the workers' unions they head consider it of high importance that the rights of service providers to their employees be preserved, including the right to organize.

"The employees of 10bis are role models. They have chosen to lead a courageous move by unionizing," wrote Rafael Ben Gigi, chairman of the workers’ union of Metropolin Mass Transit System. "Establishing a workers' union is not an easy move – to say the least. I myself did so three years ago in Metropolin and I was very successful, because I had strong support from the Histadrut. I have no doubt that thanks to their courageous association with the unionized workers’ division, they will reach a collective bargaining agreement and conditions that are commensurate with their efforts and their work. "

The Burgeranch Workers' Union, itself an association of young workers who signed their first collective bargaining agreement in 2013, congratulated the 10bis delivery workers and wrote: "We know first hand how important a collective bargaining agreement is in the workplace. We are with you in the just struggle to improve employment conditions."

10bis's response: "The management is not harming and is not involved in any way in the process of organizing. The management only acts as required by law and by statute."