Arnon Bar-David, head of the Histadrut, sent a letter congratulating Shaher Sa’ed for his reelection as head of the Palestinian trade union PGFTU.

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“I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly on your reelection as General Secretary of PGFTU. I have no doubt that PGFTU will succeed in promoting the rights of Palestinian workers in these difficult times and enable the Palestinian trade unions and workers to face and fight the impacts of the current health crisis and economic situation in the Middle East and throughout the world,” he wrote.

Bar David said that the Histadrut will do all it can to ensure that Palestinians working in Israel receive the full extent of their rights. “Together, Israeli and Palestinian workers are on the front lines of the crisis and together the working men and women will steer us out of the turbulent waters,” said Bar David.

"The Histadrut, under my leadership, is pressing the Government of Israel and employer organizations to safeguard the employments and rights of the workers who are employed in the Israeli economy, regardless of religion, race and gender. In this context it is my pleasant duty to share with you that in the last half a year we have trained hundreds of Palestinians construction workers in health and safety."