The Histadrut launched a campaign on Tuesday demanding that the CEO of the parent company of 10Bis, an Israeli food delivery app, recognize the delivery workers’ union organized by the Histadrut. The campaign will be conducted in collaboration with the international online platform Labor Start, which enables people around the world to express support for workers' struggles. 

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As part of the campaign, the Histadrut seeks to put pressure on 10Bis’ Dutch parent company, Just Eat, and demand that the CEO, Majitsa Groan, stand behind the company's stated code of ethics. While the parent company promises to allow employees to exercise their right to join a trade union as they see fit, 10Bis employees in Israel were compelled to apply to the labor court after the company allegedly intervened in the unionization process.

10bis couriers on their bikes (Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90)

"In October 2020, half of the delivery workers of 10Bis joined the Histadrut, demanding insurance and recognition of their bonuses as components of the base salary. But the company tried to prevent the union, intimidated the organizers, refused to negotiate with the workers and tried to fire the head of the union,” read the campaign statement written by activists from all over the world. 

"While the company prides itself on its code of ethics in recognizing the freedom of its employees to form or join a trade union of their choice, the statement remains only words on paper that are not implemented,” the campaign statement read. 

10bis union campaign (Photo: Histadrut)

The campaign highlights that delivery workers worked throughout the pandemic, endangering themselves in order to maintain the restaurant industry and serve hundreds of thousands of customers during the epidemic, and calls on management to open good faith negotiations with them.